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Home to Multi-Award Winning Industry Professionals.

©KathleenStevenson 2000-2016


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Salmon Crest Pictures is a leading production studio home to highly creative Multi-Award Winning Industry professionals. We film throughout the UK, Europe, and Worldwide to produce stunning high-end bespoke films unique to you and your cause.


We have seen enough companies that provide 'template videos' which capture the footage but do not capture the emotion being conveyed or the real story being told.


We know you deserve better.


To capture passion it requires passion, time and understanding. Personally, we pride ourselves on being able to capture footage that retains the raw ideas and emotion and then being able to carefully refine them into a film that connects with people in the way you want.


We are a close-knit team of highly creative industry professionals with exceptional qualifications specialising in film production with years of vast experience in various film production including additional background experience in TV production, Music Videos, and Feature films.


With roots in professional screenwriting and narrative production, we, therefore, have a deep-seated philosophy of how to work together inciting, invoking and capturing your story.


Relishing every moment of the film-making process we are serious about our art form.


We use only the best production equipment and software the film industry has to offer we bring your film to life in a powerful way leaving you with beautiful and valuable moments you can revisit forever and share with the world


Please do not hesitate to contact us via email at

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