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We are a multi-award winning film production company with a deep-seated understanding and expertise on effective media solutions for business.

Using only the best production equipment and software the film industry has to offer we create professional multi-platform content, producing creative and flexible media to complement your brand and facilitates in hitting your targets and goals.

Our films have hit thousands of viewers, been showcased on the BBC and have received overwhelming feedback from audiences, achieving incredible results.

Reliable and fast working to the tightest of deadlines, we genuinely listen to your wants and needs promising total commitment and determination throughout your project.


Based at


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-BTO 'Agenda For Change' @


Thank you for this - it is superb and just what we need, you and your crew have worked incredibly hard and delivered a first class vidoe encapsulating BTO perfectly. we have such a wonderful product - you and the crew should be very pround of yourselves.

-BTO Media Manager

Paul Stancliffe


Film Screening & UK House Of Lords

'Agenda for Change'

I have relished every second of producing this short film for the BTO British Trust for Ornithology to celebrate them and all their incredible volunteers too numerous to mention who help birds every day.

It's been quite an adventure traveling over the UK meeting all these amazing people and seeing all the things they do to help birds.

Throughout this project, we have encountered many different birds, some rare, some beautiful and some unusual, not to mention some of our more common and much-loved garden birds.

It's been wonderful being a small part of it all from seeing the amount of useful data collected from even the tiniest action to screening our film at the UK House of Lords 'Agenda for Change' Launch which we hope delivers even more impact for decision-makers and for society as a whole.

Facebook BTO Sizzle Clip

"Lovely film. I was loving the cuckoo, then the nightjar knocked it out the park. Well done all."

-Craig Ledger

"I really liked the video. I thought BTO came across as professional yet approachable, scientific yet friendly, and generally inspiring, since the footage showcased people dedicated enough to be devoting their time to us at all hours of the day and night! I particularly liked the footage of Lee looking delighted and relieved with Sherwood the Cuckoo. I also liked the snippets of birdsong and calls breaking through the background music, and I thought it portrayed the Nunnery really well, with the shots of IT, art, books, archives, the library, publications, upcoming events, meetings etc etc"

"False representation: there is sun shining, and the blue tits are not tearing the flesh from your hands jokes aside, this is wonderful, thank you! I often struggle to explain what I do when I say I do bird ringing, I now know to use this video :)"

- Danhell

NFU Mutual Chancery Place- They wanted to showcase their new office space available for rent. By Alec Jordan.

Nicklin & Concurrent Engineering wanted to demonstrate their success story.

By Alec Jordan.

Pukka Pies

Concept Video

Atlas Pain Relief Centre

Introductory Sizzle Reel

Pukka Pies Concept Video

WHOOP! Events. Event Sizzle Reel

WHOOP! Events. Testimonial Reel


Tom Hyatt, London

Kathleen/Salmon Crest Pictures is an absolute legend to work with!


She is super professional and knows exactly what she needs to do to get the most out of the actors and the crew, to ultimately get a great shot!


Her attention to detail during filming and in the editing suite really helps create some stunning footage! As well as having this professionalism to her, Kathleen is a very approachable person who is personable and friendly.


I wouldn't hesitate if given the chance to work with her again!


Nejla, East Sussex

I chose Salmon Crest Pictures to make videos for my home-based massage and beauty business. I found that Kathleen was very friendly, approachable, kind and very professional.


I thought it was going to be very intense and hard doing the shoots but Kathleen was very focused and very good at what she does and made everything easy. I didn't have to write anything about the voice over which was used in the videos.


Kathleen had a chat with me on Skype to find out about the treatments how they work, she then did the script which I checked and emailed back to her. I found that her work is amazing and she is very talented, If you are looking for a wedding or business video look no more.


Salmon Crest Pictures is the one to choose and prices are very competitive.


Thank you Kathleen

Pippa Drysdale, London

As a director, Kathleen offers her actors a rare blend of guidance and freedom. She not only encouraged us to experiment, she was very supportive of our choices.


Her production ran smoothly, and both she and the crew did whatever was necessary to get the shot. The final edit is a testament to her talent

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