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Live TV - Multi-Cam Recording Session

At Salmon Crest Pictures, we pride ourselves on being able to capture Stunning live sessions.

Using only the best production equipment and software the film industry has to offer we can capture your performance in a powerful way leaving you with a beautiful and valuable film to share.


We have seen enough companies that provide rough handheld 'panic' footage which captures the event but fails to capture the real raw emotion and atmosphere of the live performance
(losing those moments forever).


 We know you deserve better.

To capture this energy it requires a lot of experience, the correct preparation and expertise.

We pride ourselves on being able to capture these performances in full and being able to refine them into a stunning 4K completed film fit for modern day platforms.


We like to get to know our clients and get a feel for their music and look at the performance venue in advance so we can create the most desirable set up. 

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