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I was approached by Kathleen from Salmon crest productions, regarding a possible music video formy daughter Kellimarie as she is a singer/songwriter. We first met up and discussed ideas andKathleen made sure that Kellimarie was happy with everything discussed every step of the way. Iwas very happy with the professional way that Kathleen and everyone at Salmon crest productions worked.


Kathleen planned every last detail and kept to every last detail. There were no false promises, no delays and no hidden extras she was upfront all the way.


The production of Kellimarie’smusic video was exactly what we wanted. All the children in the video had a great time, especially with the paint. I really do feel you got the best out of them! And it shows on the video.


I would definitely use Salmon crest promotions again! Thank you to all at Salmon crest productions for making Kellimarie’s Official music video AMAZING!!!!!! 


We both look forward to the next one!


Salmon Crest Pictures were totally amazing throughout the whole process - from our first emails to the final outcome, I was blown away. They took time to understand me and my music which means that the final video conveys the emotion of my song beyond and above anything I could have imagined. On the day, the team were great, so accommodating and friendly; it was well planned and understood by all of the crew - a really professional approach - and I think that you can see this in finished product! Mainly I just want to say thank you to them all for their hard work, we had such a short turnaround  which they nailed and I know that everyone involved wanted to make this the perfect video for the song - I am so overwhelmingly happy with the result


When I finally decided to have a video completed

(I had waited over two years) Kathleen's work caught my eye as she captured natural colours.


I was very apprehensive about somebody taking the lead, however, Kathleen met with myself and worked through any anxieties I had, such as filming around people/public. Kathleen helped me feel relaxed by scheduling the shoot when the lighting would be good and when there won't be many people around, this meant a 5am start.


The camera crew were so easy to work with and I instantly felt at home. I met a few times after to review the footage, this enabled me to work alongside Kathleen who met with myself as well a further few times to review and discuss the final cut. 


Kathleen was very good at keeping the storyline whilst we worked through the shots to keep and lose.


Kathleen was very good in ensuring I was able to see the full picture and not get sidetracked by my mindset of being anxious seeing myself on camera. 

Kathleen set a payment plan/agreement that was achievable and made my self-funded project affordable.


Following the process, Kathleen ensured the video was loaded up on my site as the HQ footage takes longer than homemade videos.


This made video of the week on BBC Introducing C&W and so many people said they loved my new song even though it had been out on SoundCloud for over 2 years,

This made me reaffirm how I felt about music, many people need something visual to listen to with the music. 


I now have a perfect personal music video for a personal song.


"I basically hate 95% of music videos, especially ones with a story - Foo Fighters nailed it with Learn To Fly and everything since is convoluted pretentious bullshit. However, there are always exceptions to the rule and the new @VeeBear vid is one of them!

To caveat, there are some amazing music videos out there its just that most are crappy. This one is brilliant because it's fun, simple, doesn't take itself to seriously, uses great props, and feels genuine. Do that and you're winning!"


Full Publication here:

Thank you for this - it is superb and just what we need, you and your crew have worked incredibly hard and delivered a first class vidoe encapsulating BTO perfectly. we have such a wonderful product - you and the crew should be very pround of yourselves.


"Lovely film. I was loving the cuckoo, then the nightjar knocked it out the park. Well done all."


"I really liked the video. I thought BTO came across as professional yet approachable, scientific yet friendly, and generally inspiring, since the footage showcased people dedicated enough to be devoting their time to us at all hours of the day and night! I particularly liked the footage of Lee looking delighted and relieved with Sherwood the Cuckoo. I also liked the snippets of birdsong and calls breaking through the background music, and I thought it portrayed the Nunnery really well, with the shots of IT, art, books, archives, the library, publications, upcoming events, meetings etc etc"

Ella / Public

"False representation: there is sun shining, and the blue tits are not tearing the flesh from your hands jokes aside, this is wonderful, thank you! I often struggle to explain what I do when I say I do bird ringing, I now know to use this video :)"

- Danhell


Kathleen/Salmon Crest Pictures is an absolute legend to work with!


She is super professional and knows exactly what she needs to do to get the most out of the actors and the crew, to ultimately get a great shot!


Her attention to detail during filming and in the editing suite really helps create some stunning footage! As well as having this professionalism to her, Kathleen is a very approachable person who is personable and friendly.


I wouldn't hesitate if given the chance to work with her again!


As a director, Kathleen offers her actors a rare blend of guidance and freedom. She not only encouraged us to experiment, she was very supportive of our choices.


Her production ran smoothly, and both she and the crew did whatever was necessary to get the shot. The final edit is a testament to her talent


I chose Salmon Crest Pictures to make videos for my home-based massage and beauty business. I found that Kathleen was very friendly, approachable, kind and very professional.


I thought it was going to be very intense and hard doing the shoots but Kathleen was very focused and very good at what she does and made everything easy. I didn't have to write anything about the voice over which was used in the videos.


Kathleen had a chat with me on Skype to find out about the treatments how they work, she then did the script which I checked and emailed back to her. I found that her work is amazing and she is very talented, If you are looking for a wedding or business video look no more.


Salmon Crest Pictures is the one to choose and prices are very competitive.


Thank you Kathleen


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