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Kathleen Stevenson

Director of Salmon Crest Pictures

Graduated from Met Film School, London, Ealing Studios BA Intensive Practical Filmmaking 

Personally written, directed and edited over 45 films 


Worked on over 120 and counting including Feature & Live TV

Shane Barber e.g. Rush Coil


Alec Jordan

Alec has been part of the film industry for over seven years, working on numerous short films, features, music videos and corporate videos, whilst simultaneously pursuing a degree in Film Production. With his degree complete Alec is now free to focus his full attention on new projects.

Aside from commissioned work, Alec’s main film passion is the pilot episode of his dramatic-comedy creation, Angelic. Angelic is in post-production, and will hopefully premiere later this year. Alec is also currently preparing to trial his new production company/film organisation, Disco Stoat Media.

He hates piña coladas and getting caught in the rain, but will happily climb fully clothed into a river in February if it gets the perfect shot. Doesn’t matter if your film is a one day shoot in Hawaii or a month in the Arctic, Alec will be up for it.

It’s probably a madness.

William Fielding

William Fielding is a talented cinematographer based in East London. Starting with producing comedy sketches with friends, he developed a keen interest in the visual details of filmmaking after being inspired by cinematographers such as Jeff Cronenweth and Conrad L. Hall, and has since progressed his visual style on various short films and commercial productions.

Will's work can be found here: 

Visit the page dedicated to him here!

Shane Barber is a very versatile (modest) and highly talented individual.

I have been working with Shane for many years and he never fails to impress. 

Shane has an amazing knack of composing the music I have in my head before I even need to open my mouth.


(In my humble opinion he also has awesome taste in music!)

©John Rennie Photography 2009

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